Junglee Games - one the brand ambassador for its online rummy platform Jungleerummy Login.

Junglee has also launched a national campaign called 'Rummy bole toh Junglee Rummy,’ showcasing the measures taken by the business to ensure the best and safest rummy experience for all players and demonstrating Junglee’s commitment to trust and player safety. The first high-decibel commercial went live in multiple languages across TV, digital media, radio, music-streaming platforms, OTT, and cinemas, at the end of February 2023.

Ajay Devgn commented: “I am delighted to be associated with Junglee Rummy, India’s most trusted rummy site, and to be part of their campaign ‘Rummy Bole Toh Junglee Rummy.’ Junglee Rummy has been in the online rummy industry for more than a decade now, and it is leading the way with its player-first approach. With its established expertise, state-of-the-art gaming technology, and robust security infrastructure, the platform has taken the game to the next level and has over 6 crore real players playing on the app.”

Bharat Bhatia, Vice President of Marketing at Junglee Games, said: “We are super excited to be launching this campaign with one of India’s best-known and most-loved face, Mr. Ajay Devgn. With a wealth of experience and expertise in his field, he brings immense trust and credibility to the table, just like Junglee Rummy does with its rich experience in online rummy. Ajay Devgn’s mastery of his craft and his pan-India recognition make him the perfect brand ambassador for further cementing Junglee Rummy's position as India's most trusted rummy platform. Moreover, he exemplifies the entertainment value that we strive to provide to our players through our platform. We are confident that he will help us deliver the message of trust and safety to our target audience with greater conviction and create a massive impact.”

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